EDM Time – ‘Like Bill Nye The Science Guy for EDM’

EDM Time is a new video series that looks at the fundamentals of electronic music production using real world examples.

One viewer described the series as ‘Like Bill Nye The Science Guy for EDM’.

Episode 1, above, introduces the series. Episode 2, below, takes a look at dynamics:

via Ben Jarvis

10 thoughts on “EDM Time – ‘Like Bill Nye The Science Guy for EDM’

  1. This will be a great series for those interested in EDM and music production in general. I enjoyed the authenticity and clarity of their production.

  2. I’m going to keep an eye on these guys. I like the way they package the material to make it easy to understand. I need more dynamic range!

  3. Honest question here…
    To the one person that goes through every single comment on synthtopia and downvotes it…
    Why? Why do you bother?

    1. It has to be someone (or a group of individuals) with serious insecurities and an inferiority complex and complexes in general that are beyond what we can address here. Even the most benign of questions or comments receive a thumbs down.

  4. The sound quality on those videos is not good. These may attract some school age kids but they left me thinking about how the internet today has a million half ass short answers but rarely do you find quality in depth information.

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