Nord Lead A1 First look

2014 NAMM Show: Here’s a quick look, via sonicstate, at the new Nord Lead A1 keyboard. 

The Lead A1 feaetures the latest analogue modeling engine from the Nord Lead 4, offering 24-voice polyphonic and four part multi-timbral synthesis. The Lead A1 also introduces a new front-panel user interface, designed to make programming quick and easy, while retaining hands on flexibility.

See the Nord Lead A1 announcement for more details.

12 thoughts on “Nord Lead A1 First look

  1. I think it is hilarious that even their product manager finds it difficult to explain what, why and reasoning behind this rehashed synth!

    1. looks like a different beast then the Sub 37….modelling, more polyphony, i personally would rather have a sub37, and would love a new nord modular, but i don’t think this was designed to compete with the “real” analog demographic… whatever, i still love my nord lead 2 from 1997…

  2. This is one of the most misguided, dissapointing products I’ve seen out of NAMM. Overpriced and under featured. Even the presentation is awkward. Are they aware the synth market is loaded with choice right now? Why would someone choose this?

  3. Having actually played the A1 yesterday at the NAMM show, I have to admit I was surprised how good it sounds. It’s quite a bit fuller and punchier than previous Leads. The bass in particular is a lot more satisfying than a NL2 or 3. And I had just played the sub37 and dsi prophet 12 next door. The new programming layout is easier to dive into and the presets are more inspiring to me. So I would reserve judgement. That being said, the sub37 and Korg ms20kit were my favorites at the show with honorable mention going to the Elektron analog 4. The layout is unnerving but those presets are super modern and sound like today’s and tomorrow’s records.

  4. The 2X was their best VA, IMO.

    Tjhat said, I wonder why Clavia dropped the NL3 LED knob rings!
    does anyone know?

    I thought it was a brilliant way to see the settings of a patch as soon as you load it.
    I remember watching a demo of the Moog Slim Phatty, and the rep mentions how they borrowed the idea from the NL3.

  5. Hi,
    I have already the Nord lead 2x, plus the stage III plus the nord C2. I would like a different beast on top of the C2 organ, I was thinking of a Porhet 08, pure analog synth but now, I’m hesitating …lthe !nord 12 is too expensive and too complicate for me. May be a DSi pro 2 that could complement my Phophet 08, or a moog SUB 37 and the nord A1…so, you see how messy I am, what your advice? I do a lot of different knife of music, even classical arrangements, I have also, and XV5080, a marix 1000 Oberheim and a Proteus 2000. No, plug ins, just the ones bundled with Cubase and the ones from my UA La 610 mkII, I think ists the UA duo….
    Oups I have forgotten my old Yamaha TX802 and Roland d50. Maybe I don’t need anymore keyboard?
    Let me know
    My influence? mile sDavis, temptations, mickle Jackson,Alicia keys, eurythmics, Barry white, Larry Calrton, Duke Ellington, Marcus miller, jobs pattitucci, pink Floyd, Seal, Sade, the rock and roll, 50’s and 60’s, Genesis, Beatles, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Bach….Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, bill Evans, Jimmy Louis, Jimmy smith, Rhoda Scott, michel CAMILLO, michel petrucciani…etc…..

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