Alesis Intros Core Line Of Audio Interfaces


2014 NAMM Show: Alesis has announced the new CORE Series of
24-bit USB Audio Interfaces.

The audio interfaces offer XLR+1/4″ combo inputs, Mic/Line or Guitar level switching, headphone outputs with level controls for efficient monitoring, and each model ships with Cubase 7 LE.

  • CORE 1, a single input/dual output inline interface, is designed for on-the-go recording or as an entry-level option.
  • CORE 2 offers both audio and MIDI connections for full studio integration.
  • CORE 8 is an eight-channel rack mount interface suited for live or studio applications.


  • 1-Channel In-Line USB Audio Interface
  • 2-channel mini USB, 24-bit/48 kHz output
  • 1 XLR+1/4″ TRS combo input with gain knob
  • Mic/Line or Guitar level switch
  • Stereo headphone out with level control
  • Modern sand-blasted aluminum housing



  • 2-Channel Desktop USB 2.0 Audio+MIDI Interface
  • 2-channel USB 2.0 24-bit/96 kHz output
  • 2 XLR+1/4″ TRS combo input with gain knobs
  • 2 Mic/Line or Guitar level switches; phantom power
  • Stereo headphone out with level and input/USB monitoring
  • 2 Powered USB hub ports; MIDI In and MIDI out
  • Stereo 1/4″ outs
  • LED segment metering
  • Sand-blasted aluminum housing
  • ERP Compliant – Auto off



  • 8-Channel Rack Mount USB 2.0 Audio Interface
  • 8-channel USB 2.0, 24-bit/96 kHz output
  • 8 XLR+1/4″ TRS combo input with gain knobs
  • 2 Mic/Line or Guitar level switches; phantom power
  • Dual stereo headphone out with level and input/USB monitoring
  • Stereo main + monitor outs
  • LED segment metering
  • 2U metal rack mount enclosure
  • ERP Compliant – Auto off

The CORE Series will have the following respective street prices:

  • CORE 1 ($49.99 USD)
  • CORE 2 ($149.99 USD)
  • CORE 8 ($299.99 USD)

7 thoughts on “Alesis Intros Core Line Of Audio Interfaces

  1. I’m really into all the stuff alesis is doing right now, they seem to be launching a new baseline for entry level stuff and while i probably won’t buy most of it it does seem to have an upper hand over the competitors because the line seems so well thought out and executed without gimmicks and a consistent range, alesis hasn’t given me anything interesting in a while (i love the quadraverb and the andy goes without saying) but its refreshing to see that they are making the entry level products I wanted to see when I was just getting started like 5 or 6 years ago.

    1. It has mini USB which with a mini to full USB plug you could connect it to a cck with lightning support. As long as the interface is class compliant. That core 2 is looking pretty sweet. I wonder if it’s power able by the iPad? I guess the 2nd USB port is for USB power maybe?

  2. Let’s hope Alesis spent a little extra and wrote drivers for this. ASIO4ALL stinks with my iO2 Express. Good thing it works with CoreAudio.

  3. I am personally very disappointed with Alesis. Their iO Dock II does not fit the iPad Air and they’ve neither provided a tray to accommodate the new iPad’s, nor responded to multiple internet complaints about that issue. Further, the iO Dock II has no USB IN so it can’t be used with USB keyboards. Even worse, they have not responded at all to my multiple on-line requests through their customer support web page, for either info on the IO Dock II, or availability date for their very promising Core 2 interface (which would seem to address many of the iO Dock’s shortcomings…..if were ever actually released). Finally, out of frustration I called Alesis’s technical support people and waited 15 minutes on hold before being connected to an idiot that knew nothing at all about the core 2, and much less than me about the iO Dock II. Alesis seems to be taking a nose dive and doesn’t give a flip about its customers anymore. I recommend the Griffin StudioConnect HD… it is ever released!! Ken Hardy, M.D., Ph. D.

  4. Does anyone know what happened to Core 2?

    Was it actually released? I am still saving up for an audio interface in that particular price range and with these specs. Core 2 looked great, but it seems that it just disappeared – or has never been released.

    I can’t find any place to buy, can’t find any reviews, can’t find a release date. What the hell?

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