The Roland RD 800 Stage Piano

Scott Tibbs introduces Roland’s new RD-800 stage piano at the 2014 NAMM Show.

The Roland RD-800 is their flagship stage piano, offering a hammer-action weighted 88-note keyboard and a sound library of pianos, electric pianos, organs and synths. 



  • Professional stage piano with the acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano engine plus many other top Roland sounds and features
  • Choose from a wide selection of acoustic pianos voiced for live playing, including a new Concert Grand tone derived from the V-Piano Grand, upright tones, and more
  • Newly enhanced SuperNATURAL-based electric pianos and clavs with authentic vintage sound and feel
  • Over 1100 additional sounds for versatility on stage, including Virtual Tone Wheel organs, vintage keys, modern synths, and many others
  • Roland’s top-of-the-line PHA-4 Concert Keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel, equipped with the latest touch-detection technology
  • Intuitive interface designed for easy operation while performing, with fast access to essential functions such as tone layering, keyboard split point, and more
  • Manipulate sounds quickly on stage via dedicated controls for Live Set selection, part levels, Modulation FX, Tremolo, Amp Simulator, and more
  • Tone Color knob provides complex tonal manipulation in real time with a single control
  • Color LCD and panel knobs with LED indicators provide easy visibility on dark stages
  • WAV recording/song playback and user memory backup with optional USB flash memory
  • Master MIDI keyboard controller features; four external pedal connections (Damper, FC1, FC2, and EXT)
  • 1/4-inch and balanced XLR stereo output jacks; convenient 1/8-inch stereo input for connecting a music player or other device
  • Sleek, durable design with reduced weight for easier transport

Pricing and availability for the Roland RD-800 are TBA.

2 thoughts on “The Roland RD 800 Stage Piano

  1. Maybe a very low rice could make this Roland attractive versus a Clavia Nord Stage.
    I wonder if Scott Tibbs believes in it himself.
    Why show a mellotron ? Nord did that 3 years ago.
    Why end with a B3 organ whereas the kb has no drawbars ?
    I worry for the future of this company.

    1. Why show a Mellotron/B3?

      This is their latest high-end stage piano – so it’s designed to cover the bases for gigging keyboardists. I’d worry more if they didn’t cover the piano/electric piano/organ/basic synth territory. Based on what they’ve done in the past, I’d expect this to feel great to play and to sound great, but to also cost two to three grand.

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