Martin Peters’ Fox On The Run

Sunday Synth Jam: Dutch synthesist Martin Peters does a live performance of his composition, Fox on The Run.

“Start this music and let your imagination run wild,” suggests Peters. 

Here’s what Peters has to say about the technical details of this performance:

The music starts with string sounds from the Roland XP-80 and the Clavia Nord Lead 1.

Then I start the Sequentix Cirklon sequencer which has 3 sequences. One sequence drives the self-built Modular and the Ian Fritz Through-Zero Oscillator which in its turn drives the Blacet MiniWave. The Buchla Resonant LoPass Gate clone is inserted between the self-built Modulars VCF and VCA and I manually control the frequency and resonance knobs. The second sequence drives some percussive sounds from the Oberheim OB-Mx. The third sequence drives the Moog Prodigy which volume I control on the mixer because the Prodigy is behind me and out of reach.

You can download the video and music from Peter’s site.

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