The Secrets Of Analog & Digital Synthesis

In this vintage 1985 full-length tutorial video, Steve DiFuria explains the secrets of analog and digital synthesis.

There a lot of good information in the video, along with some truly bizarre things. We’re talking incomprehensible voodoo-doll nipple torture bizarre.

Luckily, Difuria spends most of his time demonstrating synthesis concepts on what are now classic synthesizers. 

Here’s the official description:

SECRETS provides a clear, no-nonsense guide to making any sound on any synthesizer. Starting with the fundamentals of sound creation, it progresses through such advanced topics as programming FM synths like the DX-7. Valuable insights are offered into stage and studio performance techniques which are applied to a variety of makes and models so that you will derive benefit from this video no matter what kind of equipment you have. A 130-page manual is included, making this a complete course on electronic keyboards.

Steve DiFuria is the narrator and featured performer on this video. He is a highly respected consultant in synthesizer design and a Keyboard columnist who has programmed for Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, and Lee Ritenour.

via VincentsVideoVisions, matrixsynth

14 thoughts on “The Secrets Of Analog & Digital Synthesis

  1. It says this is “volume 1” (which has two “reels”).

    Does anyone know if there is a volume 2 in existence?

    Seems like a pretty useful resource.

  2. “A 130 page manual is included.” Where?

    This seems so far of what I watched a good compliment to the Sound on Sound series. Thank you!

  3. wow this tutorial was really good kind of ridiculous but also very inspiring looking forward to finding the second volume one of these days

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