New Vintage Presets For The Novation Bass Station II

Synthesist and sound designer Alba Ecstasy has released a new sound library for the Novation Bass Station II

The patch library, The New Vintage, features 87 new patches made by Alba Ecstasy for Novation Bass Station II. All sounds from demo video are made with this pack.

The New Vintage is available now, priced at 12.99 Euro.

15 thoughts on “New Vintage Presets For The Novation Bass Station II

  1. Ya, I’m not sure why anyone would want to buy this unless they have the money to spend it and just to see what these presets are. But it’s not like you have to buy it, so I guess it’s fine.

  2. With the Bass Station 2 is so easy to get incredible sounds! The sounds I heard are a bad advertisement for Novation. This Machine is so amazing!

  3. Hi guys,
    thank you all for feedback.

    This demo was meant to show that BSII can be used also for pads, thin leads, plucks etcetera, not only for what was predestined to get out of it: (indeed) a very powerful, deep bass.
    There are many musicians these days at their beginning who can’t afford more than a synth and I wanted to show that BSII can cover a full mix with all sounds you need (since I got the BSII I’m using it more than any synths in my productions).

    Regarding this demo track… well… this is not really my style of making music, you should hear my Berlin School style tracks where BSII rules 😛

    Alba Ecstasy

      1. Because the demo, as I said, was addressed most to beginner musicians and Berlin School being a sub genre of EM, could be a lot boring for some listeners who want to produce EDM. I experienced that.
        Everybody is expecting that BSII to be “just another bass machine”. Well, is not like that. I showed there that BSII is versatile.

  4. Thank you very much for your effort Alba. Everyone here should thank you, even if they don’t like some of the sounds you created.
    These days, people forgot to say thank you, and to recognize the efforts made by some of us. Today people are so obsessed by “the new”, that they don’t even see that life is passing by them quickly.
    Everyone should recognize the efforts of artists. The pursuit of art (beauty) itself. Not just say trivial things like we see here in these comments.

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