DM1 Update Adds Inter-App Audio, 12 New Drum Kits & More

dm1-ipad-drum-machineFingerlab has released an update to DM1, its software drum machine for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in DM1 4.1:

  • Inter-App audio support
  • AudioBus2 update
  • 12 new drums kits
  • New drum kit by Beak>
  • Separated tracks distorted bug fix


  • 99 vintage and produced drum kits, mastered at in-house Fingerlab Sound Studios
  • Sample Import from iPod Library, microphone, DropBox, AudioCopy and iTunes shared folder
  • Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
  • Time signature
  • 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
  • Mixer page with pitch, length and level rotary controls, pan controls, and custom drum kit per channel
  • Automation Panel for a precise and intuitive control of any Mixer parameter over time
  • Duo FX Trackpads for real-time sonic destruction and multi-FX
  • FX per track
  • FX automation (FX parameters and FX per pattern)
  • 9 Big Drum pads, quantized recording and pitch-bend ribbon
  • Pitch-bend ribbon automation
  • Mode song with intuitive editing
  • High-quality export to SoundCloud, DropBox, Facebook, email, iTunes shared folder or AudioCopy
  • Separated tracks and AAC encoding export options
  • Randomizer tool
  • Fast drum kit loading
  • Playable pattern selection for extra creativity
  • Audio background mode
  • WIST synchronization technology by Korg for syncing 2 iPads/iPhones together
  • Audiobus support
  • Import & Export your song project (DropBox, Mail, iTunes folder)
  • Full Midi implementation
  • Inter-App Audio support

DM1 is available in the App Store for US $4.99.

20 thoughts on “DM1 Update Adds Inter-App Audio, 12 New Drum Kits & More

  1. The DM-1 still is the standard not only for good old-fashioned drum machine fun on the iPad, but for how an iPad app should work. It’s clever, pretty, and sonically very versatile. It’s also quite intuitive. FingerLab updates the DM-1 quite often adding brain-exploding new features all the time.

    For the same price, Molten Drum Machine (One Red Dog) allows for tuplets from 1-9 per beat, and up to 16 beats per pattern. It has a pretty effective interface, but it lacks many of DM-1’s cool features, most notably the library of sounds (for which the DM-1 is untouchable). As far as I can tell, Molten has no way of stringing patterns together to form a longer song. I don’t own Molten, currently, but have watched some vids and scanned the manual.

    For 3x the price, DrumPerfect offers much more rhythmic versatility, the ability to chain patterns (each with different meter, tempo & kit settings), and some other unique touches. But DrumPerfect has a clunky and crude interface, and lacks some MIDI i/o functions.

    I’ve just been researching these apps and thought this info might be helpful.

    1. I have all 3. Each of them have their strengths (although, I would highly recommend SeekBeats or TweakyBeat over Molten… both are more powerful and more useful IMO)

      DrumPerfect is a very interesting concept, but could use some UI improvements. But I highly recommend it to people. And I hope people buy it, because I’d like to see this app mature.

        1. Do SeekBeats or TweakyBeat offer other meters and tuplets like molten & DrumPerfect? From the App Store blurbs it was not mentioned.

          1. No, that’s the significant missing feature from SeekBeats and TweakyBeat in my mind.

            Although, you’d be amazed at what you can do with the tempo setting and some creative pattern creation on a 16 step sequencer!!!

            But yeah, glaring omission. Still, the sound sculpting of seekbeats is way better than in Molton. TweakyBeat is kinda like a monophonic drum synth with lots of character.

  2. DM-1 is fantastic – I have it on my iPhone and iPad. I’d buy the Mac version if I didn’t already have Reason, Live 9, and Maschine…it’s a great way to get rhythmic ideas down quickly. Clearly a better use of free time than social media or Zynga games!!!

  3. It’s just lovely to see already-great apps continuing to improve. The potential for apps (like DM1) to stay fluid with features and further ascend is an example of what ios audio tools Can be. DM1 remains a complete best-of-the-best app.

  4. IAA is definitely a nice add for DM1 – got it working with BM2 for layering. My one other fave is MoDrum which has the tightest MIDI integration I’ve seen – it syncs with everything! Gotta agree that no app is touching DM1’s library.

    1. I noticed your recommendation is based on features and price, but no mention of ‘sound’. As a longtime attempted user of DM1 this makes sense to me. 🙂

      1. The DM-1 has nice sounding samples (in my opinion). But they are by no means flawless.

        One of my initial gripes with the DM-1 is that the length parameter did not do a very musical fade out of the sound. So if you shortened a sound, it would sound a little truncated.

        I’m not a huge fan of those FX, but that’s just me. I haven’t really tweaked with them much. My focus has more been on creating clever, new-sounding rhythms.

  5. Best app. It also never glitches on older iPads(at least in my experience). Great app to have a friend with no drum machine experience try out, all smiles.

    1. id love to know if this has been fixed as well. when early versions came out i tried to explain this to the developers but it was never fixed. i still use it for fun but never tried to use it with my DAW after that except for single percussion hits.

  6. DM1 is the best sample playing drum app, but if you want original sounds of your own, there is no way around SeekBeats and especially Stroke Machine!

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