My City: Berlin, With Andreas Schneider

In this video, via The GuardianAndreas Schneider of synth uber-store SchneidersBuero shows us Kreuzberg, home of the counterculture scene in Berlin.

Starting from his synthesizer shop, Schneider takes us on a journey through a district that narrowly escaped the wrecking ball of urban planning and gentrification, taking in the local museum, a neighborhood diner and the local city farm.

4 thoughts on “My City: Berlin, With Andreas Schneider

  1. This a great video and good to see sincere respect for Kreuzberg, I was there first in the mid eighties and was beaten up by riot cops round the corner from Sneidersburo.
    I have seen cops chased out and petrol bombed there, and also seen twenty people with cobbles, banging on skips, to let others know a riot was happening. Ronnie Reagan and the IMF demos where worth the travel.
    There was a guy at that time making weird electro stuff and was selling his bright yellow casettes in Kreuzberg. There where some great parties there .It is sad to see Middle class people taking the place over and trying to buy into ‘cred culture’,Brick lanes German equivalent.
    But you can’t buy cool and Kreuzberg has it!

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