Boom 808 – A Virtual TR-808 For The iPad


Pulse Code has released Boom 808 – a virtual TR-808 for the iPad.

Boom 808 offers Audiobus compatibility, background audio, and audio export options. Along with the classic drum sounds, Boom 808 has a built in compressor that is ‘tuned to add punch to your drum beats’. Soft saturation overdrive rounds out the signal chain.

Using Boom 808 with Audiobus allows you to add any number of Audiobus compatible effects, as well as record your beats into the app of your choice. Boom 808 can be sequenced with the internal step sequencer or via CoreMIDI.


  • Step sequencer
  • High fidelity audio
  • CoreMIDI
  • Audiobus and background audio modes
  • Record and export live performance to Soundcloud, Audio Copy, email and iTunes file sharing
  • Compressor
  • Swing
  • Overdrive

Pulse Code hasn’t released an official demo video for Boom 808, yet, but here’s an unofficial one from thesoundtestroom:

Boom 808 is available now for $.99 in the App Store.

26 thoughts on “Boom 808 – A Virtual TR-808 For The iPad

  1. Alot cheaper than the not so Anolog Roland ARIA crap… rather get an I pad app that does the same for alot cheaper, you know

    1. Duh-oh! I wanted to be the jackass that made the disparaging comment about AIRA.

      Truthfully, all are fine choices (AIRA, MFB, Boom 808) depending on your budget, expectations, and how the device fits your workflow.

    1. Doesn’t seem to be the same developers behind them. Can’t find the name Josh Levy (the reason rack 808 synth) anywhere on Pulse Code (the above app devs). Is this a ripoff by Pulse Code, or did those two dudes hire a second programmer in the last couple of years? Correct me if I’m wrong, don’t wanna spread any false rumors, but you gotta wonder at $0.99 vs €49 for the Reason extension..

      1. Never-mind my above idiotic ramblings. I’m senile, the fonts used etc are from the actual hardware. Shoot me. Also, apologies to Pulse Code, you guys rock!

        1. So are you saying it *is* or *isn’t* by the same developer? Regardless of the font, they are both called 808 Boom. Me confused.

          1. Not the same devs. But I was totally wrong calling Pulse Codes app a ripoff. Again, apologies to the Pulse Code dudes.

            Yea same name, perhaps a coincidence.

  2. Wonder if it is VA like the rack extension? I have to say on first listen (through ok-ish earbuds at low volume to avoid peeing off other half in bed) it sounds rather good. Will have to compare it to some 808 samples and use some decent headphones.

  3. What, no taiko drums or tubular bells? Sir, I am outraged. Nice app with good I/O all around, but the TR series has long been a subset of larger kits. I’d feel too restricted to use this as my only percussion resource. Pragmatism wins out over novelty in this case.

  4. Good fun, simple to use, distortion is needed really to make it sound like anything. Parameters are not saved with patterns, no mutes is a bit of a let down… Otherwise yea 89c good fun for a few minutes.

  5. Well I WAS having fun for the first ten mins until I held down pattern 1 while it was looping and BOOM – instacrash! Completely wiping the ‘song’ I was working on AND the previous one!!! 🙁

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