Antelope Audio Intros Zen Studio Mobile Audio Interface


Musikmesse 2014: Antelope Audio has introduced Zen Studio, a professional, portable audio interface that offers 12 world-class mic pres, on-board DSP effects with multiple monitor mixers and low-latency USB connectivity. 


  • Antelope’s clocking and conversion along with the custom USB technology implemented in Zen are identical to the ones in its high-end 32-channel Orion interface.
  • Zen Studio offers an extremely powerful DSP, based on a custom FPGA device with massive parallel processing capabilities. The proprietary FPGA makes the DSP chip in Zen Studio eight times more powerful than the ones used in similar devices.
  • All audio I/O is available simultaneously for a total of 38 possible input and 32 output channels, plus 24 simultaneous I/O channels via custom USB, supporting 24-bit, 192 kHz audio.
  • Users can create up to four independent zero-latency mixes assignable to any outputs, including the two independent headphone outputs and monitor outputs.
  • The unit is fully controllable using an intuitive desktop application on both PC and Mac, offering flexible signal routing and DSP-based effects alongside custom presets.


  • 12 Class A mic preamps, with phantom power
    • 8 mic/line inputs
    • 4 mic/line/instrument inputs
  • 2 Independently assignable headphone outputs
  • 2 DSUB-25 connector (8 channels I/O)
  • 1 Stereo monitor out
  • 4 ADAT connectors (up to 16 channels I/O)
  • 2 SPDIF RCA connectors (I/O)
  • 2 Inserts over TRS
  • 2 Word Clock BNC connectors (I/O)
  • 1 Low-latency high-bandwidth USB 2.0

Zen Studio is expected to start shipping by the end of Q2 2014, with a price of US $2,495.

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  1. I was very impressed with their clocks when I heard them, I’m glad they’ve expanded. It should be a good product, but I’d hope for a thunderbolt option at this price point.

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