Free Roland TR-606 Sample Library

cassette-deckTomislav Zlatic of Bedroom Producers Blog has released Cassette 606, a free drum sample pack containing raw and tape processed Roland TR-606 samples.

Each drum hit of a modded Roland TB-606 drum machine (Exfade mod) was recorded at different pitches, (something that wouldn’t be possible with a factory TR-606). These raw samples were then recorded to a Cr02 cassette tape at two different gain settings, resulting in a set of overdriven drum hits with a lovely lo-fi character.

The final product features three drum kits, for a total of 128 samples in 24-bit WAV format. The pack also includes mappings for the Poise drum sampler.


  • 128 audio samples in total (24-bit WAV format).
  • 72 clean Roland TR-606 one shot samples.
  • 56 tape processed Roland TR-606 one shot samples.
  • 3 Poise drum kits (DKT format).

Audio Demo

Download at the BPB site.

9 thoughts on “Free Roland TR-606 Sample Library

  1. 606, 707, 808, 909. Who gives a damn anymore?

    There are thousands of recreations of those old 606, 707, 808, 909 sounds. But I guess the fad followers need at least one more.

  2. If someone wishes to be an original electronic music/sampler artist, then they make their own sounds, from vinyl, the outside world or from the drum machines and synth’s they obsessively collect…the fact that there is a market for pre-made sample libraries in the general public makes me sick. I guess there are a lot of PC & software “arrangers” pretending to be electronic music artists/producers out there!

    1. I’m going to mentally rearrange this as “No, I’m not interested in downloading this kindly offered gift. Thank you”. instead.

    2. The 606 is played out! That’s exactly why one would download these free samples, rather than buy the hardware. It also beats sampling someone else’s music, because that is usually either expensive or illegal.

      As for the originality of the sounds, they’re just single hit .wav files, there is still plenty of time to make them your own. Effect, layer, mangle, re-record thru a guitar amp.. ..I don’t know, I’m just thinking aloud.. and I’m new to this. Please disregard me.

  3. Funny, I have a moderate fistful of sample libraries, but aside from some great sounds that are useful as they are, I see the rest as paint. I modify them on the fly all the time. For me, “pre-made” means “20 killer things from a set of 100 that I don’t need to tweak and 80 that I develop into a fresh, personalized set.” It doesn’t matter where you get the goods if you have a goal beyond pressing Play. Don’t limit yourself by dismissing the idea that almost everything has a couple of standout uses.

  4. Cmon you holier than thou producers. ever actually use a drum machine? you take the base sample and tweak the knobs till you get your desired effect then you pattern it out. now you load it into your daw run effects processors on it until it sounds the way you want then you pattern it out. You really dont work much harder starting with a sine wave. a couple more twists of the oscillator?

  5. These are great for someone like myself who uses an SPD-SX. You get clean free samples that you can put in your pad and use live. Not every note ever played has to epically hard to make to be useful or sound good.

  6. The majority of comments seems to come from synthTROLLpia(s) these days. Just skip the post if you are just going to be negative to be negative.

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