15 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio At Musikmesse 2014

  1. This looks incredibly promising. I’ve already dumped tons of money on software updates for Live since version 1.0 tho… nervous about switching to something new… decisions, decisions…

      1. Same here… and having witnessed lots of companies in all fields copy each other with features etc… especially technology companies, I do wonder how long it will be before Ableton implements some of the better ideas from Bitwig into Live?

        1. I would assume that Ableton has more resources/people to bring to bare if this truly becomes a race, so things could happen fast and be great for all of us end users.

  2. I wouldn’t full stop switch to Bitwig if you are using Ableton. I too am interested but would not fully switch but continue to use Ableton the main DAW until Bitwig is a bit more mature. Also Ableton too has still much room to grow but who knows, this will be an interesting year..

  3. Superb! This is a real quantum leap in DAW capabilities and control integration. I am glad to see Dominik is finally smiling 🙂

  4. I am tempted to buy a new computer and install a tiny audio-friendly Linux kernal so I can devote my time to music. Then I think about all the hassles I would have with drivers and USB midi controllers in Linux and cry.

    1. maybe there’s hope with metric halo new upcoming usb stuff. It will be class compliant in the worst case scenario.. 🙂

      I feel that when people compare Live to Bitwig, they are ignoring all the m4l possibilities… but good luck jumping to the unknown.

      1. >I feel that when people compare Live to Bitwig, they are ignoring all the m4l possibilities

        Agreed. And the Push is a significant factor too. If you have integrated that into your set up, it will be hard to let go of. And the “write your own controller scripts” isn’t really going to be something most people do, or do well.

  5. Gonna wait for this to be out in the wild for a bit before jumping on it, but barring any major issues I think this will be my next DAW. Seems like the best of Logic and Ableton combined, with some cool new tricks up its sleeve.

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