OP-1 Synthesizer Gets Free OS Update

Teenage Engineering has release a new version of the OS for the OP-1 synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in OP-1 OS 14167:

  • DSynth synthesizer engine
  • Sketch sequencer
  • Master tune
  • M1 and M2 now works together

You can preview Sketch in the video embed above.

See the TE site to download the update.

34 thoughts on “OP-1 Synthesizer Gets Free OS Update

    1. You beat me to it! LOL

      If I could afford one of these I would have one. But I’m being financially responsible this week…

    2. Lots of hating these days in these comments. Hate for Roland, hate for the Macbeth, hate for the OP-1, hate for ipad apps, heck even the Amazing Machine guy got trolled by people in the comments in their latest products announces.

      Needs more loving.

    3. The OP-1 is just a stupid, expensive, dumb toy for young hipsters, man!

      Get a real instrument!

      Just get an iPad!

      That about sums it up.

      1. “Get a real instrument!
        Just get an iPad!
        That about sums it up.”

        I love my ipad, but there really aren’t that many people outside of here who consider the ipad as a “real musical instrument” as opposed to a piano, guitar, sax, violin, or even synthesizers.

      2. Jean Michel André Jarre recently voted it number 7 in his top 10 synths of all time….I guess he is just a dumb hipster. Still, it probably does seem expensive if you are only 13….

      3. You guys do know I was being sarcastic, right? This is what all the haters always say.

        The OP-1 is the best synth I’ve ever owned. 🙂

  1. Had one of these for over a year and sold it eventually to try something new. Was my first hardware synth and for me as a beginner, the unusual way to setup sequences etc made me get into music making very easily, I must say. And while the sound of the unit maybe lacking in comparison to other synths at this price, I often miss my OP-1, especially when I just want to have fun without setting up everything for half an hour. It’s a perfect tool to create quick musical sketches or just get results from experimenting.

  2. Excited to try the new update, but if I’m honest, Korg Gadget has taken the immediate-gratificaiton-through-fast-musical-sketching spot in my life that my OP-1 once occupied.

  3. The oddest thing about this update is that it gives the OP-1 it’s first synth engine with “traditional” architecture/interface, not “toy-like”, but virtual knobs for osc, envelope, filter, etc. If this had been present in the first firmware, it would have been even harder to resist. It will be fun to see how “deep” it is in the days ahead.

    1. “Traditional” for analog maybe. The OP-1s FM and Digital synth representations are fantastic and every synth has an ADSR. If people need labeled knobs like OSC, Filter and LFO then screw ’em.

  4. Ive had my op-1 for about 8 months now. I remember watching all the vids and saving up to get one. This is probably the only music gear i own that ill never get rid of. MPC, gone, sp404, gone, roland gaia, gone, this is staying. They continue to update it and make it cooler. Its like a game that you can play forever, and they keep adding levels.

  5. It’s hard for them to shake the “toy” reputation when they add “Etch-a-Sketch” mode. ;P

    Seriously, I’m sure the above comments from owners are sincere. It does look like the kind of rig you would just use as an idea grabber or fun box, or crazy brain grater.

    1. Teenage Engineering positively play up to the “toy” reputation – I’m pretty sure making music should be fun and inspiring…if it puts a smile on your face and pleases your ears, then its a good buy.

  6. The only synth I’ve sold and repurchased (only about six weeks later, too). I’ve had more immediate fun and satisfaction with this little thing than any other synth I’ve ever owned. For people that are still complaining about the price, get one off Craigslist for $625 or eBay for $650. That really isn’t so much of a financial blow at that price and I think far more reasonable for what this thing can do.

  7. The best feature yet: leaving enough room in the base code for updates like this. The OP-1’s form isn’t my thing, but a good build with a clean sound and musically USEFUL updates? Yeah, I can get behind that. Sketch isn’t a cheap novelty; its a smart tool for the job at hand. If you’re going to go Tiny, this is a good example of the way to do it. Don’t fall into synth-prejudice so easily. Look at the actual functionality in the heat of real use and start gauging it from there.

  8. I don’t own an OP-1, probably never will just because the sound is thin and I don’t dig the tape style recording. BUT, I absolutely love the interface. It shows that a company can make something totally different than everybody else, and as long as it is really well designed, it WILL be a success.

  9. I had to really warm up to the OP-1 when I first bought it. But, now that I got a good handle on Tape mode, it’s a blast. My biggest criticism is the ADSR envelopes and their fixed curves. It would be nice to modify those curves.

  10. What synth engine was that? The sound is awful!
    Sorry, but I just hear filtered aliasing all over. (That’s often what a “thin” synth sound means btw)

    Gotta put the sound through Cool edit (or ocenaudio) spectral view to prove anything, but having severe doubts about quality here.
    Generally the OP-1 interfaces seem fun and productive, but X-Y editing by knobs is… suboptimal.

    Not so much hating as whining here I guess :-/

    1. I guess nobody’s really interested, but… maybe it’s just “welcome to Youtube audio”
      — from looking at spectrum can’t tell whether the encoding flipped out or if the original sound has high amounts of dirt.

      Sorry for unfounded badmouthing (probably).

  11. Had one, enjoyed one, and sold one.
    No updates will ever fix the noise issue on the DAC they chose.
    And TE has never talked about fixing all the clicks you get when splicing tape.
    They’ve gotten so many cool suggestions to polish this little beast but most of them went unnoticed on the Ohpeewon forums. Such a shame.

    1. Actually they did fix the noise issue in the last os update….
      All I can say to people is listen to some of the amazing ‘mix tapes’ made just on the op-1 on soundcloud or the op-1 forum, sure, it has a sound, and it’s definitely unashamedly digital , but what people can do with this tiny box is amazing.

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