A Brief History Of Techno


This audio podcast, via the New Yorker, is a brief history of techno.

In the podcast, Nick Paumgarten and Will Calcutt discuss a few classic techno classics that illustrate the history of techno music and its early evolution.

The audio podcast is an accompaniment to an article on Berlin techno, pubished in the latest issue of the magazine.

7 thoughts on “A Brief History Of Techno

  1. When the New Yorker is talking about the history of techno, you know the genre is seeing its end. That image of the top hat dude with its nose up was exactly what people reading the New Yorker were doing while describing techno back inthe day: “Garbage! Not music! Who can listen to that noise! This generation is doomed!”

    The New Yorker crowd should NEVER like techno, never like rap, never like deep house, never like dubstep, never like drone music. They’ve drawn their line in the sand with the butt of their expensive red wine bottle and I shall respect it.

  2. Struggles with this – too short for proper context. Also, none of the songs were recognizable and the time periods weren’t clear.

  3. Equal time is demanded…I call on the honorable citizens of Beatport, to discuss which four-star restaurants in the Hamptons serve the finest ecstasy, and where in Martha’s Vineyard one can drop the bass while impregnating a drunken Kennedy niece.

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