New Sampler For iOS – Elsa

elsa-sampler-iosDeveloper Erik Sigth has released Elsa – a retro-style sampling app for iOS (Universal) with tempo based looping.

Elsa lets you record, save, load & reverse samples. You can play it with a multi octave on-screen keyboard or plug in a core MIDI device of choice, soft- or hardware.

Elsa comes with three built in effects, a reverb, a resonant low pass filter and a frequency/bit crush. Samples are looped in three different modes, one off, forward and/or forward-reverse. The start and end of playback also comes in three modes, one set of start and stop for all, one set per note and/or one set per octave, allowing for many different types of samples. Additionally at playback time, sample length can also be controlled by a set of sample dividers, 1-8.

Here’s a video demo:


  • Sample keyboard
  • Tempo based looping
  • ADSR
  • Bit crush
  • Reverb
  • Resonant low pass filter
  • Record, trim, normalise, reverse, pre note shift, zoom
  • Multi octave keyboard
  • 3 loop modes (one off, forward, forward-reverse)
  • 3 start/stop modes (one for all, one per note, one per octave)
  • Playback length dividers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
  • Save/Load
  • Import/Export ACP 2.0
  • Inter app audio (audiobus)
  • Core Midi (note input)

Elsa is available now for US $1.99 in the App Store.

8 thoughts on “New Sampler For iOS – Elsa

    1. Requires iOS 4.3 or later – which means it should work with anything you have.

      I don’t normally put OS requirements in posts, unless they are especially heinous. This is because the information is immediately available via the App Store link and could quickly go out of date in the post.

  1. tnx. yes it goes fast to the App Store from my computer powered by an adsl cable but from my mobile device with the typical EDGE connection from my country it takes ages to load the App Store. You might explain on the post “This version is available to iOS (iOS number here)” so if it turns out of date, it’s not your fault.

      1. funny why people thumbs down an simple suggestion. sorry but english is not my main language, i can’t explain my suggestion in the best polished way, so i think sometimes people get me wrong

  2. Shame the video doesn’t really show much of the sampling capabilities.

    Let’s see the looping playback.
    Can you use it alongside external hardware?
    How many samples can be played back at once, multi-timbral ?

    Many unanswered questions from someone eager to test this app out but unwilling to part with more money after being burned so many times before by apps that didn’t really meet my expectations.

  3. I can’t quite work it out, does this have a-b loop sustain hold? So you hit a key – the first portion of the sound is played, then loops over a section of the sound forwards and backwards and the when you release the key the tail of the sound plays.

    The only sampler I know of on iOS that has this is the one in Sunvox, it would be nice to have a standalone app that did this 🙂

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