Dataline vs Cuckoo Elektron Balkan Beats Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live Elektron jam session, featuring Dataline on the Analog Rytm and Cuckoo on Analog Keys.

The performance was improvised at Musikmesse 2014.

Here’s what Cuckoo has to say about the jam:

Playing together with Dataline for the first time, in a series of improvised performances during Musikmesse 2014, using only the Analog Keys and the brand new Analog Rytm. This is a great opportunity to listen to, and see the Analog Rytm in action!

And for me personally, this was a sacred moment. Playing with Dataline just made so much sense!

In this particular song, right before we went up on “stage” I said to Dataline: Let’s play some Balkan beats! And he was like “nooooo I hate that shit” and we laughed and did this. 🙂

More from this series at the cuckoomusic Youtube page.

7 thoughts on “Dataline vs Cuckoo Elektron Balkan Beats Jam

  1. Ooohhh a foot tapper…
    For real though, this is how electronic music should always be made (just wish I didn’t rely on computers so much)

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