Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer Review

In this video, JK Swopes of SoundsAndGear reviews the new Novation Bass Station II analog synthesizer.

The Bass Station II is a 25 key, 2 oscillator monophonic synth, with sub oscillator, 2 filter types, arp, step sequencer and assignable aftertouch.

“You can get some very deep and powerful bass as well as crazy leads and effects from this synth,” notes Swopes. Check out the video demo and let us know what you think!

To find out more about the new synth, see our earlier Bass Station II posts and also the Novation site.

11 thoughts on “Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer Review

    1. Review of the Atmegatron is coming, it’s a VERY cool synth, I like that you can change the OS of it to turn it into different tools, right now I have it setup as a poly synth 🙂

  1. Bass Station II gives you more analog mono bang for your $500 bucks than any new synth. Hell, it outclasses a ton of vintage synths, which all trade for well over twice the price.

  2. I wonder if it’s possible to make the BSII duophonic – first key down would be oscillator 1, second would be oscillator 2. Each note would retrigger the amp and filter envelope, in a paraphonic style. Set each oscillator to the same octave and waveform and you’d have para-duo keying.

    It seems possible to do this in firmware, since the key bed transmits poly MIDI, and each oscillator pitch (via octave range, coarse tune, fine tune) is independently controlled by CC, and the whole synth is controlled digitally.

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