Koma FT201 Step Filter Review

Sonic State’s Edd Butterworth takes a look at the Koma FT201 Analog Filter / 10-Step Sequencer – a voltage controlled vactrol state variable filter, combined with a 10 step sequencer.

The FT201 is capable of providing ultra low and high frequency filter effects, which are controllable with an on-board infrared expression controller, which lets you create filter sweeps by moving your feet or hands over the pedal.

The FT201 has 3 different filter outputs: band pass, low pass and high pass, which all work simultaneously and are accessible as outputs on the patch bay. The cutoff frequency range is very large, between 20 Hz and 20 kHz and because of the vactrols used the sound quality is superb. The 10 Step Sequencer runs through the selected amount of steps (2 – 10 steps) and adds the control voltage to the value set by the Cutoff knob, thus modulating the cutoff frequency in every step.


  • All the KOMA Elektronik pedals have an on board motion controller which allows the user to control most of the features of the pedal by just moving a hand, foot or other object over the pedal. And it’s easy as 1,2,3 to set it up: just patch the CV output of the sensor into a CV input on the pedal.
  • The FT201 is a pedal with a lot of different knobs: 3 knobs to control Sequencer Speed, Sequencer Length and Filter Cutoff. Besides the 3 big knobs, you’ll also find 10 small knobs on the pedal. These knobs can be used to change the cutoff frequency of every single sequencer step. This so you can make filter sequences. The 10 small knobs are relative to the big cutoff knob, so you filter through the full register by just turning the main controls.
  • The CV and audio patch bay gives the user control of Cutoff frequency, Sequencer Speed, Resonance and the cool function to reset the Sequencer. There is also a Sequencer Out, which allows the user to use the FT201 to control other KOMA pedals or for instance a modular synth. Besides the normal Audio Input, the FT201 has 3 different Audio outputs: Hi Pass, Band pass and Low Pass, which work simultaniously.
  • On the back of the FT201 you’ll find, next to the DC input, trimmers to attenuate all the CV in- and outputs of the pedal. You can easily set the sensitivity of the sensor and the input voltages of the Cutoff, and Resonance CV inputs and the output voltage of the Sequencer CV output.

The Koma FT201 Analog Filter / 10-Step Sequencer is available now for 354 Euro via the Koma site.

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