Nord Drum 2 Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a synth jam, via UncertainMusicCorps, that explores the synthesis capabilities of the Nord Drum 2.

The Nord Drum 2 offers 6 channels of synthesis, and this jam explores its capabilities beyond typical electronic drum kits. 

Video summary:

First serious session with Nord Drum 2. Using Vermona fourMulator quad LFO to trigger 4 channels with Stoichea picking up the remaining 2. Using S/H waveforms from the Vermona via attenuators (matrix mixer) for timbral variation on the Nord Drum.

Bent melodic drone comes courtesy of Braids with rhythmic wavetable modulation.

I think Nord Drum 2 and I are going to get along fine.

8 thoughts on “Nord Drum 2 Synth Jam

  1. gorgeous… who would’ve thought? shame there’s no breakdown of the patch, i’d love to know what the original nord drum sound was like and how it was changed up.

    1. I’m not entirely sure about this either, sounds like a tiny, tiny sample of the kind of noises the Drum 2 is capable of anyway. The palette is extensive to say the least!

      So, yes please to more detail!

  2. Hey look, someone who knows how to use it for a performance motif instead of just a drum box. That’s more like it. Very otherworldly & “modular” in a good way.

  3. Love it!! These Jam is the kind of music I love!.
    I always feel that the Nord Drum 2 is a very interesting tool for experimentation.

  4. If you want to find several more layers of use in a sequencer, speed it up or slow it down. Take it out of the more traditional uses and popular time signatures. It can be lot more huge or scary than you’d think if all you listen to are TR-8 demos. 😉 The modular music I like best has some syncopation going for it. I latch on readily when its humanized a bit.

  5. Great! I have a Nord Drum2 but never imagined it could be used in this way, very interesting!

    Important to note that not all the sound came from the Nord, the Braids is making the drone, very nice module that by the way! In fact, the whole setup in this video is very desirable 🙂

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