Basic Recording Techniques

This video playlist, via AudioTechnicaUSA, collects a series of videos that cover Basic Recording Techniques.

While not directly synth-related, the videos cover topics that a lot of electronic musicians have to deal with when it comes to recording live parts or content for sampling.

Topics covered in the Basic Recording Techniques series include:

  • Percussion
  • Electric Guitar
  • Electric Bass
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Group Vocals
  • Latin Percussion
  • Voice-Over
  • Solo Vocals
  • Electric Guitar – Multi Microphone
  • Upright Bass

Note that the video embed is for the entire playlist. Use the left/right arrows to navigate from one video to another.

Miking drum sets is more complex than miking most instruments, so AudioTechnica has a separate playlist that covers drum recording in-depth:

2 thoughts on “Basic Recording Techniques

  1. Thanks for this. I record acoustic and electric instruments, voices, hand percussion, keyboards and drum machine. Valuable stuff!

  2. Hi Guys & Girls!

    Thanks for the videos. I was really interested in your explanation of mixing up a kick drum and found the audio examples of each mic really helpful. I’m starting a home studio so for me this videos will be very helpful in giving me the basics on good sound. I’m going to start looking at the prices of the mic you have used in the videos and will hopefully be able to get a few so I can get going with the studio I will soon be running. Do you do videos on mixing desks as well? I’m looking for a new desk to get my place going. I read a good article recently on producing a demo which raises some similar points to yours:

    Many thanks for the vid and please keep them coming,


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