Glitch Bitch ‘The Only Sound Destroying Tool You’ll Ever Need’

Vengeance Sound has released Glitch Bitch – a new effects plugin for Mac & Windows that’s the say offers “the craziest glitch and stutter effects you ever heard”. Glitch Bitch lets you shorten or increase buffer sizes, sync buffers to your host tempo, add HP- or LP filters, apply rate reducing, reverse the buffers, use the “advance buffer mode” to create ‘unheard effects’, pitch down your buffers, apply volume and pan modulations, draw custom envelopes (n-point envelopes) or use the internal sequencer for triggering.

According to Vengeance, “GlitchBitch is the only destroying tool you’ll ever need.”


  • synced buffer sizes
  • advance buffer mode
  • reversible buffers
  • buffer gate time
  • HP- and LP filters
  • rate reducer
  • volume and pan modulations
  • internal sequencer
  • note value synced envelope mode
  • 4 independent n-point envelopes
  • pitch effect
  • synced and free start modes
  • intelligent and precise timing
  • 2 different dry/wet modes
  • 140 dancefloor destroying presets by Manuel Schleis

Glitch Bitch is available now for 49 Euro. See the Vengeance site for details.

20 thoughts on “Glitch Bitch ‘The Only Sound Destroying Tool You’ll Ever Need’

  1. yet another ridiculous claim a company makes about their product. i have renoise so this makes me “lol” since i could do any of this in seconds and ridiculously better. of course you can do this stuff in pretty much any daw, they all come with beat repeaters now, or copy and paste, or retrigger, and so on. im also fairly certain stutter edit does this stuff and more, but hey, they used horrible music to demo it so it might be way cooler than the next atrocity to club music that they are marketing it as.

  2. Why negative comments by people who have neither used nor bought it? The Glitch plugin is great (bought it yesterday) and it´s a steal for 49 EUR. You can certainly do some of the things by yourself in your DAW, but time is money and this plugin is certainly the fastest way to create such effects.

  3. It requires an eliscenser dongle, which is a pain in the ass hanging out the side of a laptop. With all the alternatives available why get the one that needs a dongle?

  4. I dunno how one can rip apart this amazing plugin . I own it and it’s an edm producers dream , thanks Vengeance . USB elicenser sticks I’m anti but this pluging made me buy one for $27 no regrets !!! It’s not an ilok !!!its 123

  5. I wouldn’t buy it just because of the stupid name. The word “glitch” is bad enough. Adding a childish moniker to it doesn’t help one bit.

  6. Looks excellent! Jack Dark made a few similar plugins during the DarkWare era. He even calls Glich Girl “the original glitch bitch” on his site

  7. This may be a good, or at least decent, plugin. Sure, there’s nothing you can do with it that you can’t do with other tools, but sometimes it’s nice to just have it all in one place, or just playing with something new. Personally, I’m not really feeling it, but to each their own.

    The problems with this product are quite obvious though; Dongle (seriously, does anybody not hate these?), the product-video (need I even say more?) and the absurd “only product you’ll ever need”-claim that always comes with products like these. I don’t doubt I could have had some fun with it, but I can’t possibly imagine myself using nothing else but this to mangle beats and create chinstroking braindance, etc.

    Oh, and the name. Not loving it. Wouldn’t “Glitch-_itch” or something be better? Add some glitch to the name, not _just_ a silly rhyme.

  8. Looks useful to me, but then again I’m one of those useless hacks that makes (gasp) glitchy bass music.

  9. Seems like a lot of amateurs or wanna be producers who use crack versions of software have a lot to say. Only haters would say something about a name of a plugin , who cares what it’s named . It’s an awesome plugin . That will make me money . Say what you will . But you don’t own the plugin nor have you tried the demo because it accepts a dongle .
    It amazes me how people are haters and for no reason . Really over a name . Such trivial bull, trolls go home and post a real review after you actually spend a few dollars rather than steal and rip apart the software.. because you don’t have a job and can not afford $65 , so you have to shit on them ..

  10. Looks alrite. But none of these “glitch” plug-ins can touch Lucifer VST by Steve Duda. 10 years later and that plug-in is still the best for stutter editing. Too bad he stopped developing it. Come on, Steve, give us Lucifer 3!!!!

  11. Don’t get any from vengeance. Had my licenser broken once and lost all my licenses. I had like 600 € in vengeance plugins. Send them all inquiries etc. but this company has not support at all! They have a emailadress where you can write, but they will tell you that if the copy protection gets broken or stolen, that you then loose your hole investment. No responsibility at all. Was thinking of getting a lawyer, had talked to him about this situation, but he recommended me to just take the money that a lawsuit would cost and get other products because there is always a risk with this…. So i have to warn everybody about that company, it was the worst customer experience i ever had.

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