Sound Design Tutorials With Vintage Gear

This set of videos, via RetroSound, look at making iconic synth sounds with vintage gear. 

Sounds in the series include:

  • The Oberheim pad sound from Foreigner’s Waiting for a Girl Like You;
  • Ultravox ARP Odyssey lead sound;
  • Oberheim OB-X pad sound from Killing Joke’s Love Like Blood; and
  • The classic Rush Tom Sawyer Moog Taurus bass sound.

3 thoughts on “Sound Design Tutorials With Vintage Gear

  1. Good starter video! The clear, direct ones like this get the gold stars. I’d like to see a time when terms like “retro” fade away. They’re too limiting. I don’t want endless revisitings of the 80s, or anything else. Letting labels define your style too easily takes you in the wrong direction. Make the sounds fit your song rather than vice-versa. Don’t dismiss any little possibility. I’m amused to be using sine wave leads a bit lately, in the middle of otherwise acoustic things. Its about as simple as you can get, but sometimes, that’s the voice for the job.

  2. I’d like to see how to make those sparkly “magic” sounds they used in the eighties for cartoons but i I think used most effectively by ELO on the Xanadu soundtrack. Or in pinball machines.

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