Announcement Of The Moog Emerson Modular (Video)

Moogfest 2014: This video, via Andrew Hamilton, captures the official introduction of the new Emerson Modular System, a full-scale new-old-stock recreation of Keith Emerson’s iconic Moog modular synthesizer.

In the video, Moog head Mike Adams, Keith Emerson, Moog modular co-creator Herb Deutsch and Moog engineer Cyril Lance introduce the new Moog Emerson Modular system, painstakingly reproduced by Gene Stopp and the Moog Engerineering team.

7 thoughts on “Announcement Of The Moog Emerson Modular (Video)

  1. Awesome.

    Also: they mentioned Mike Vickers – I believe he also lent his Moog modular to the original recording of Jesus Christ Superstar.

  2. Musically and practically (especially for synth enthusiasts and musicians) this is pointless. Business-wise, they only need to shift a handful to make a lot of money.

    1. Moog continues to position itself as a company that makes solid gear for performing musicians – while a lot of other companies would rather sell mass-market plastic keyboards.

      1. There are three markets for musical instruments.
        1. Professionals
        2. Education
        3. Home hobbyist

        By far, #3 is the largest market, then #2, then #1.
        If a company only catered to professionals, they’d either have to charge a fortune or go out of business. There just aren’t enough pro musicians out there for one company to survive upon.

        As for Moog, they make professional quality instruments (usually) that can be applied to all three markets.
        But make no mistake, much of their work is done in China.
        Boards, soldering, injection molding to name but three.

        The point of what I’m saying is that there really is no mass market.
        At best it’s #3, the normal guy with a day job who comes home and plays or does occasional gigs.
        Having said this, Moog caters most to the mass market, not to professionals.
        Same as Roland, same as Yamaha and Korg. That’s where the money is- the dreamers, not the doers. There’s always more people in the audience than there are on stage.

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