The Rubber Band-Pass Filter (Korg MS-20 Mini Tip)

In this video, Korg’s Rich Formidoni shares an MS-20 tip – the ‘rubber band-pass filter’.

It may look ridiculous, but it does give MS-20 users a bandpass filter.

Formidoni says the trick works with the Korg MS-20 Mini, the original MS-20, the MS-20 kit and the MS-20ic controller.

15 thoughts on “The Rubber Band-Pass Filter (Korg MS-20 Mini Tip)

  1. Never seen this before. It’s sort of stupid and awesome at the same time!

    Also, you can use a ‘Y-cable’ to split the audio output of your synth and feed it back into your synth, for extra analog distortion goodness. This should work with any synth that has an audio in.

  2. That was amazing. looking for the rubber band stash now. As a side note, ive had great results getting a bandpass by splitting the modwheel output to the two filters with a tiptop stacking cable.

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