16 thoughts on “iMPC Pro Timeline Editor

  1. Is this guy OK or is he being given a series of electric shocks?
    What’s with that pluck gesture? You know, like all the pro’s use.
    There are two things that I’m most interested in: will it have clock sync and what are the IO options?
    I’ve never used an MPC but I understand that it didn’t have to much difficulty in either of those departments and with this being a PRO app it should be really well featured.
    Problem is Retronyms haven’t shown any interest in AB so it’ll leave iTunes, ACP and Dropbox being the most useable options for import/export and will you be able to export separate tracks/channels or just a stereo mix? (You know, like the pro’s use).
    I do like the fact it’s got something called ‘a piano roll editor’ although they’ve just invented it, it does seem familiar and looks good for recording and editing data.
    I dunno, I just hate all this ‘teaser’ nonsense. Just show me the product, give me all the information, and let me make up my mind if I want to buy into your philosophy for taking a legendary product, choosing a company (with it’s own iOS Agenda) with which to ally yourself, then get a one dimensional idiot to drip feed several ‘tidbits’ and BANG! Job done, sit back and watch the cash roll in.
    I think Retronyms have had plenty of chances to have a more dominant place in the iOS market but have shown time and again they’re not interested in what we want and need, just giving us what ‘they’ think we want and need.
    Yup, taking it way too personally. Lol.

    1. I’m over the ‘teaser’ approach – until somebody does a teaser for an awesome new hardware synth.

      I guess doing the teasers works for companies to build interest – but I do like the way Dave Smith just drops a synth and tells you when it’s going to ship.

      It would be interesting to see a company use teasers and social networks to actually get input on their development decisions. If somebody did that right, it could be very cool to be able to contribute to the direction of a project.

  2. the Clapper does not know if it is true so take this with a grain of salt but the Clapper has heard tales that this porno-matic bit of software does not have velocity triggering. The Clapper swears on his grandmothers clapper that if this be true retronyms will be Clapped through out all time and space for even considering releasing a product like this. a drum sampler with no velocity? can anyone confirm whether or not this would be travesty is true or not?

    1. I read that they did quite a lot of research but unfortunately found it too unreliable and/or inconsistent, so until they find a new way or make the existing method work properly, it ain’t happening.
      I don’t know the ins and outs of programming, all I know is that there have been plenty of apps that do have it and there are different approaches to achieve it, so I don’t know why they can’t.
      If anyone can shed any light on exactly what the pitfalls etc. are, I’d be really interested in finding out.
      At this point, the only reason this is a pro app, is to differentiate it from the existing app, which is pretty much a toy.
      Although I’ve been pretty scathing about it, I think it’s based more upon Retronyms as a company, their history in the iOS market and their questionable choices regarding marketing, than what this app could bring to the table and will remain open minded about it.

    2. I guess they’ll integrate the ’16 levels’ mode like the one in iMPC. In this mode, each of the 16 pads triggers the selected sample with different filter cutoff, velocity, length or tuning values.

  3. i like how he tries the pinch gesture twice and dosent get that its not with four fingers and also not with two fingers verically but two fingers horizontally.

    why they include it in a video, where the guy that teases it doesnt know the app is bejond me

    anyways, akai is gone years ago, who cares what the compamy that bought them is doing with their heritage ..

  4. A three fingered ****ing motion? 😀

    With less silliness… I have a sneaky feeling that they are once again going to release something that they consider to be full featured but is actually significantly lacking… hey ho!

  5. One problem with these extended teaser campaigns is that we viewers start to associate the product with the guy in the video and the sterile presentation etc .. we want to embrace the technology with as few distractions as possible and create our own sounds and worlds with them – with the current Teaser overexposure the guy in the video becomes synonymous with the notion of the product.

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