iRing Music Maker Now Available As A Free Download

iring_hands_iphone5_mmIK Multimedia has released iRing Music Maker, a ‘freemium’ gestural music app for iOS that works with the company’s $25 iRing controllers.

Here’s what they have to say about the app:

iRing Music Maker can be fully operated using the device touchscreen, but the real fun is when you use it with the iRing controllers (sold separately at your favorite electronics and music retailers), a set of two “rings” you wear on your hands that feature dot patterns that iRing Music Maker recognizes.

When you move your hands in front of the device, iRing Music Maker translates the motion into control commands that let you change groove patterns, add and control effects in real time and even play synthesizer parts inside of the groove.

When you launch iRing Music Maker, you select a “song” which is a group of music loops that sound great together. Hit play, and immediately start the groove. You get 8 different “parts” (loop slots) that you can activate, and each of the parts has 9 different loop phrases that you mix into the groove.

The app is a free download; additional songs and sounds are available via in-app purchase. 

Here’s a demo of the app in action:

iRing Music Maker Features:

  • Uses iRing motion controllers to convert hand movements into control commands
  • Comes with 4 song collections, 4 effects, 7 synth and bass sounds and 4 pattern banks for free
  • Select from different music styles like EDM, Dubstep, House & Hip Hop
  • 8 part groove player with effects, plus synth and bass lines
  • Record function lets you record and share performances with your friends
  • More song collections, effects, sounds and pattern banks available via in-app purchase
  • Compatible with Inter-App audio and Audio Bus

iRing Music Maker is a free download from the App Store. IK has a list of iRing compatible apps at their site.

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