Wusik 8000 (Sneak Preview)

This video is a sneak preview of Wusik 8000, a modular software synthesizer now in development. 

Here’s what Wusik has to say about the new app:

The BIG brother of Wusik 4000, porting all the goodies from its little brother, but adding more and more features. Wusik 8000 is a BIG project, with more options, a higher price tag, and also heavier, but without loosing its own beauty. There are times that Wusik 4000 alone will do the trick, other times, Wusik 8000 comes to the rescue!

The idea is to re-write Wusik 4000 and introduce a totally new product. With Wusik 4000 and 8000 along, we will have a great set of modular products that are easy to use, sound great and can totally change the way you make music. Wusik 8000 is for the bold users out there, who are not afraid of experimenting new sounds. But still, it can be easy to setup, easy as clicking on a preset and playing some notes. Below you will find the complete details of what we are working on for this great new product.

Details on Wusik 8000 are available at the Wusik site.

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