Two Free Soundbanks For PPG WaveGenerator

free-ppg-wavegenerator-au-soundbankWolfgang Palm has released pleased 2 new soundbanks for PPG WaveGenerator, created by Markus Stadelmann.

The soundbansk are free for owners of PPG WaveGenerator.

Here’s an audio demo, using PPG WaveGenerator and the free soundbanks, with no additional effects:

You can download the free PPG WaveGenerator soundbanks at the Wolfgang Palm site.

7 thoughts on “Two Free Soundbanks For PPG WaveGenerator

    1. Yes. Go on the site then look under ios menu then choose wavegenerator. You will see that they kindly converted the presets to the ios version. All you have to do is click on the file and it will ask you what app you want to open the file preset bank in. Also, it will even open in Wavemapper! Additionally it will even open in Minimapper on your iPhone/ipod!! There’s some great sounds I’m already enjoying, and some of the arps are really great.

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