New Synth, AnaddrSynth, For iOS

anaddrsynth-ios-synthesizerDeveloper Christopher L Anderson has introduced AnaddrSynth, a sound synthesis tool comprised of three configurable oscillators, hi/lo/moving filters, a wah-wah effect, an echo/delay effect, and configurable attack-decay-sustain-release and modulation modules.

Here’s a brief demo of AnaddrSynth in action:

Additional videos are available at the developer’s YouTube channel.

Note: No comprehensive list of features is provided by the developer, unfortunately, so it’s not clear MIDI, AudioBus support and other features that are very important to some users are currently supported.

AnaddrSynth is priced at US $3.99 and is available in the App Store.

13 thoughts on “New Synth, AnaddrSynth, For iOS

  1. Perhaps this would have been a nice app in the early days of the iPad, but nowadays I can’t see any value of these kind of apps.
    There are some great instruments for the iPad, like Animoog, Nave, iMS20, cassini and many more, wich sounds good and have nice interfaces.
    This app from what I have seen lacks either.

    Even for this price there are better options.

  2. I love the comments here – I know the interface needs work, as well, and I’m the developer. (I am having a series of polls to curate some market data).

    Yeah, so I am a one-man show competing against either more established names, like Moog and Korg, or just plain wizards in the field. There is not much of any way I can compete with them on price, currently; but I do have lots of ideas that will hopefully make this synth a standout in 1-2 years. Notably, as well, I need a bit more work to match other independents’ apps.

    On the other hand, synths, throughout history, and we’re talking VERY expensive and famous synths (even the Mellotron off to the side), were not necessarily about gleaming interfaces and pristine sound. I’m a Gen Xer, but I think like the musicians of the 1970s. They were exploring untested technology, trying to recreate their setups show after show and rarely hitting the mark. Given me relative inexperience, well, that’s about the limit of what I could hit on my own – a rough, gritty synth experience, without a lot of polish, while learning audio engineering, essentially. Take it or leave, I enjoy using the app and I want to run MIDI from a Chapman Stick to this app, so I want to implement real MIDI, etc. In do time.

    Speaking of Animoog, or even Garageband for iOS: those apps were pretty buggy when they were first introduced in 2010. Given this, I did not feel too guilty about a beta-ish release. This happens in software. That’s my perspective.

    Anyhow, Audiobus and MIDI are coming and I plan to tweak the current filters, effects, oscillators to their fullest. Plus, amazing, clean up that Geocities-looking interface.

    Thanks for posting this, synth head. Also, to all who posted: thanks for the input! Much appreciated!

    Best Regards,

    Chris L. Anderson

  3. Another note: Specifications.

    Three oscillator engines for sawtooth, square, and triangle waveforms.
    Three configurable oscillator “banks”, with oscillator engine option, note tuning, and octave tuning.
    1 Triangle LFO with sawtooth, square, and triangle oscillator engine destinations (speed / depth control)
    1 Square LFO with sawtooth, square, and triangle oscillator engine destinations (speed / depth control)
    1 Moving Filter (VCF) with local LFO, ramp up/down modulation and Lo, Hi, Mid filter settings
    1 Wah effect (configurable)
    1 Stereo Delay effect (configurable)
    1 Hi Filter with settable cutoff
    1 Lo Filter with settable cutoff

    Planned features:
    – Audiobus (free upgrade)
    – MIDI real/virtual (free upgrade)
    – Custom wavetable editor (free upgrade)
    – To be anncouned

    1. Hey, pretty good, classy response to post here on the Synthtopia comments section. I have got to hand it to you: you have major guts to enter the lion’s den of these vicious commenteers. I don’t need a synth like this right now as I am saturated with ‘me at the moment…but, who knows, somewhere down the line I may pick up your synth. You’ve already won me over with your dignified posts above. Keep your head up! Cheers

  4. One more thing…get rid of the space stuff, it is hard to see what is going on (better contrast could be a solution). That was the gripe I had with Arctic Synth.
    Consider the visual impact…if you are a Gen Xer you may remember the Ensoniq Fizmo…if you remember the synth at all props to you. But that thing, with its wave/arp sequencing synthesis might have been taken seriously if it wasn’t “against the grain” looking. The Karma synth was another, powerful beyond people may admit, but fugly as fug.

  5. I liked the space thing. Currently it isn’t pretty, and it might be disorienting even if it was estethically working, but I think it’s worth of experimenting. I’d like the space be kind of beyond the synth and instead of copy the image into each black key, they could be like windows into the space. Perhaps the space could even move VERY slowly(or actually the synth and the viewer of course), although it would be kryptonite for most people.

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