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    1. Difference is, Jonna Lee knows how to write a decent f*cking melody. Tycho has great production skills, clearly, but the whole thing comes across sounding like instrumental Coldplay. Bleh! So bland, toothless. Not a single distinctive melody throughout. Even the lead guitar part at 2:10 comes across hazy and indistinct. Interesting video though.

      1. I think that goes far more for the second album than the first. I’d go as far as to say that I think that only applies to the second album, which felt, and was, a lot more band-oriented. I still enjoyed the album largely, but I can understand why other people could have those problems with that album.

  1. Don’t really dig the style which seems like the only thing going for this kind of music. Never understood why people compared Tycho or Tom Cruise with Boards of Canada either when the only similarity between them is warble synths. BOC is only about ten times more musical and less boring although I don’t mind the nostalgia trip of Tom Cruise. It’s like comparing jazz to modern pop, one does 3 note major chords and the other well…

  2. It’s kind of like U2 bought a Moog and got stoned and lost in Humboldt country. I mean that in a good way. Could kinda deal with less of the actress being all bug-eyed like ” Where AM i ? What IS this place ???”

    It’s like ” Look you’re in the goddamn fairy magic forest and fields of Geometria and you’ve been there for the last 3 minutes. Deal with it already.”

  3. I always loved weird stuff, so I like this (compared to the all the idiocy we’re getting on the radio). I almost thought for a while, it was an ad for the new Roland Aira instruments! 🙂

  4. At least we know future technology will be vastly different once Bryce Lynch invents his magnet that works on wood.

  5. I am surprised so many here wasn’t that impressed, I really liked it. It reminds me somewhat of stuff I have done (probably because I’m a bassist and that driving bass part) mixed with a coldplay/U2 like atmosphere. It’s very musical, soothing, and lovely. It’s excellent mood music, and the production on it is really good. That is the glory of music, always something out there for everyone 🙂

  6. Wood iPod?
    Wood iPad?!

    Wooden Crystals. And Appz! Just slide!

    But jeez the cheese.
    Back-lit white-dress perpetually dumbfounded blonde is “taken someplace else” by elusive hooded shaggy guy, chases him for more.
    No, the ending flip doesn’t quite make up for that.

    Oh dear, this almost makes it sound interesting. Gotta get out more.

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