Secrets Of The ATmegatron Synthesizer


Ashley Elsdon of Palm Sounds interviews Paul Soulsby about the new Soulsby ATmegatron“a revolutionary new synth module that combines classic 8-bit sounds with exciting new features”:

Here are audio previews of the ATmegatron:

The Atmegatron is built on the open source Arduino platform. This means that the synthesis engine can be completely changed by uploading software to the synth. One minute it’s a monosynth, the next it’s a drum machine.


  • 32 waveforms
  • 15 digital filter types
  • 2 ADSR envelopes
  • 1 LFO with 16 waveforms
  • an arpeggiator with 15 patterns and
  • loads of fx including phaser, distortion and the unique Wavecrusher.
  • 16 preset sounds and unlimited preset expandability via the Atmegatron Librarian software available for Mac or PC.

Designer Paul Soulsby notes that you can do a lot of this in software, but “real synths are great!”

See the Soulsby Synthesizers site for details on the ATmegatron.

7 thoughts on “Secrets Of The ATmegatron Synthesizer

  1. The issue with this thing is price, the AY3 is a much better option there plus it has built in sequencer. To be honest though, both of these products have quite convoluted interfaces that would take a long time to master, which is useless to me. I want to concentrate on making music, not spend hours trying to make something do what I want.

    1. you have got a point. But first you said you like the other one and then you say both are useless. Can’t understand your exact thought.

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