Moog Polymoog Prototype 203a

This video, via synthpro, takes a look at a Moog Polymoog prototype. Here’s what Synthpro has to say about the video:

It is with much excitement that I bring to you a video clip of my prototype polymoog 203a this was probably made somewhere around 1975 and was developed by Dave Luce.

It is an Honor getting to own this work of art!!

Dave Luce, I highly respect your design, I have restored many polymoogs and they are so great, I understand what you were going for in the polymoog and 35 years later it is still a great instrument that stands apart from any other polysynth.

The Polymoog was originally released in 1975.

In the second video, he compares a production polymoog 203a and the prototype 203a

11 thoughts on “Moog Polymoog Prototype 203a

  1. Alright, without critisizing the dude who put this video together, just what was the point of posting this? Synth envy is all I can assume and that ain’t great.

  2. It’s cool. But he can’t play or tweak sounds from the panel. So now we only heard the Guy talk about the period this keyboard emerged. It’s cool. So you might as well post another video with some more sounds. And in good audio quality please.. Love Moog too.

  3. It seems the vid was just to give a bit of history and a view of the guts to prove that it was a proto. The poster also has a vid of him playing the 203a for 20 min on his channel.

  4. I am the one in the video. Sorry for those who find this video to not be great..basically what I am doing is making a video series as I go through this poly. YES..I was extremely excited which is why this first video came out like it did, I had literally just opened the box it was shipped in. There will be more to come and that does include some actual playing…the controls are a bit different from production polys so have had to practice a bit. Thanks for all the comments both good and bad.


  5. One more note I should point out…I do not make these videos to really show off what I have, (although I do enjoy sharing my restorations and synth) I am all about the history of moog and have spent many many years researching all I can on moog. I have talked to some great people as well as hearing some great stories. To me these vintage synths are like works of art from an engineers mind and it is this reason that I share videos like this with the public.

  6. The only reason people would make fun of synthpro videos is if they aren’t sincere. Keep on doing what you do synthpro! I enjoy all your videos! It’s always obvious that you love what you do and most people aren’t in that possition! Keep it up, you have great taste in instruments and it’s amazing to see someone save these old beauties. I’ve learned a lot from you work.

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