Yonder At The 2014 Asheville Electro-Music Festival

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a performance by cinematic duo Yonder at the 2014 Asheville Electro-Music Festival 2014.

Music by Sally Sparks (electronic keyboard, voice, and Haken Continuum Fingerboard) and Chris Stack (processed guitar, Ableton, and Samplr).

Visuals by Jaymie Strecker and Steve Mokris, using vuo.org.

More videos from this set and the Festival are available at  Vimeo site.

5 thoughts on “Yonder At The 2014 Asheville Electro-Music Festival

  1. While I went to Moogfest this year (my second time) and had a good time, I definitely went to the wrong festival. Next year, it’s less rave and more adults playing electronic music for me.

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