Sinevibes Intros New Über Flanger, Flow


Sinevibes has introduced Flow – a flanger that’s designed to create effects that go far beyond tradtitional up and down ‘swoosh’ effects.

Flow uses a sophisticated envelope sequencer to modulate the sound in a rhythmical fashion. Flow has two different flanger characters, with positive or negative feedback, advanced synchronization and timing features, plus a host of automation and randomization options.

This allows you to create a myriad of unique effects: from intricate “jet plane” patterns and dancing comb filtering to complex swooshes or stuttered glitches. In addition, each instance of Flow stores eight snapshots of itself that can be switched in realtime or via automation.

Here are official audio demos:

Lush Pad




  • Flanger with positive/negative feedback, adjustable time range from 0.5 to 20 ms.
  • Step sequencer with up to 32 steps, variable speed, timing and shuffle.
  • Flanger gate, flanger time, envelope modulation depth, and envelope shape individual per each sequencer step.
  • Eight full instance snapshots, multiple utility and randomisation functions.
  • Advanced transport sync algorithm with support for tempo and time signature automation.

Flow is available now, priced at US $29. A demo version is available at the site.

2 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros New Über Flanger, Flow

  1. Thanks for the tip, I’m currently testing several tools in order to create better sound effects and maybe help my brother with his music. Flow sounds quite interesting – I will test it out.

  2. sounds really interesting, but i would like to extend the flange time down to 0.1ms to get that thinning swoosh sound almost like a thru zero flanger, or something


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