Synthrotek Intros Either-OR Euro Module


Synthrotek has introduced the Either-OR – an 8-channel switchable OR Combiner logic module.

The Either-OR allows the user to switch between 2 signals per channel, or combine both of the channels for an OR logic output.

There are also 2 jumpers per channel on the back of the module that allows the user to select between a center OR combiner or a center mute function, or ‘off.’

The Either-OR allows the user to combine gates, triggers and other logic signals into a single combined OR output.

ether-or-eurorack-moduleThere are 8 numbered rows that can be daisy-chained in order to input many multiple logic sources, resulting in complex gate or trigger outputs.

This is a passive module and thus does not need a voltage connection or power cable. The passive diodes produce a slight voltage drop between the input and the output of each channel. As a gate combiner it will combine 2 gate inputs to produce an OR function on the output. When combining CVs the highest positive input will appear at the output with about 0.7 volts of drop.

The Combine-OR is available as a fully assembled module for US $124.99, or in kit form for $74.99. See the Synthrotek site for details.

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  1. The other cool feature is that you can easily wire a few (or as many) rows as you want to be a multiplier. Great for some added functionality.

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