PollySynth ‘Multiplayer Polyphonic Synth’ Now Available

PollySynth, a ‘multiplayer polyphonic synth’ that combines elements of gaming with synthesis, is now available as a public beta. It is designed for browser-based use with mobile devices. 

Synthesizer voices are visualized as members of the ‘PollySynth gang’. Players fly these characters around and create audio havoc by loading a website on their mobile and playing with the controls. Spatial audio effects add to the fun as characters zoom by.

See the PollySynth site for details.

via Ray McClure

One thought on “PollySynth ‘Multiplayer Polyphonic Synth’ Now Available

  1. Looks interesting conceptually, but less interesting to listen to. I’d be more interested if this was more of a platform and users had more control over the sound & results.

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