Erica Synths Matrix Mixer (Sneak Preview)


Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Erica Synths Matrix Mixer – a new Eurorack module, designed to bring the classic matrix patch bay into the 21st century:

Here’s what they have to say about the Matrix Mixer:

Erica Synths has been developing the Matrix Mixer for over 6 months, and the main challenge was to get analogue mixer part working perfect.

The module basically replaces 3 persons and 11 hands during live performances.


  • 10 inputs
  • 8 outputs
  • 3,2” touchscreen
  • DC couped mixer connects any input to any output and mixes input signals
  • Routes any input to several outputs
  • Use the Matrix Mixer for audio and CV signals
  • Input signals: up to 10V ptp or up to 10V DC
  • Mixer gain: 1
  • Chain multiple patches into performance and sync it to external or internal clock
  • 256 patch and performance memory, each patch accessible instantly
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Extention modules planned

The Matrix Mixer launch is scheduled to mid July. See the Erica Synths site for more info.

See for technical specs and more info!

7 thoughts on “Erica Synths Matrix Mixer (Sneak Preview)

  1. It is a really cool idea, and product, but I just think that it would be really confusing knowing what is what and where the cables are going! But then again that is modular…

  2. Nice. Hinton Instruments makes similar products with a manual patch pin matrix or an array of lighted buttons, but I don’t remember seeing the touch screen or the settings memory.

  3. On the one hand, I’m reluctant to get things like LCD screens involved with the modular, because they seem more breakable.

    On the other hand, with something like this, you could patch up a system that basically allowed you to switch between a bunch of different “hardwired” synths, which would be really cool for live sets. I think that would be the way to go with it, figure out a setup that you could be happy with for a few months and then you’d save time on constantly patching and re-patching.

  4. The thing is that apart from control interface the major difference of Erica Synths Matrix Mixer from other matrixes is that it actually mixes signals – it has buffered ins and outs that can be mixed/splitted in any combination. As far I know, other developments use single IC switch matrix, which is equivalent to stackable patch cables. Correct me, if I’m wrong. Of course, I’m not talking about 4×4 matrix mixers with potentiometers

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