P12 Sound Library For Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Synthesizer

p12-soundbank-dave-smith-prophet-12Boxed Ear has released P12 – a collection of 99 new sounds for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about the new sound library:

This bank focusses on sounds that poly synths do well. You’ll find luscious pads, classic lead sounds, wavetable plucks, vintage stacks, evolving soundscapes and complex arpeggios. Every patch is programmed to sound warm and organic and inspire you not just to make great music, but to enjoy playing your synthesizer.

We believe that the P12 sound bank sets a new standard for patch design on the Prophet 12.

Here’s an audio demo of the new patch library:

P12 is available now for USD $33, EUR €25 or GBP £21 inc.VAT.

7 thoughts on “P12 Sound Library For Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Synthesizer

  1. I just got this collection. Between this and the CPM soundset, it really highlights what the P12 is capable of. My only complaint about the Boxed Ear set is the volume of the patches is very low compared to the onboard presets and the CPM soundset and I need to dig into them a bit more to see why. Aside from that little nit, they are very amazing.

    1. scrapple74 – Rory from Boxed Ear here. I just wanted to pick up on your comment about patch volume. You’re correct, they are a little lower in volume than the factory patches. I actually mention the reason for this in the text file that comes with the bank. To summarise, I found that being more conservative with the gain structure in the Prophet 12 results in a warmer, smoother sound. There are a lot of places you can crank the gain in the signal path, the oscillator outputs, pre filter drive, character section and the amp amount and that’s all before multiple voices stack up and you apply distortion. A lot of the factory sounds push the gain at multiple levels (the loudness war exists even in sound design it seems) and it’s my personal view that this contributes towards some of the comments I see online that the Prophet 12 can sound “gritty” or “harsh”. So I made a decision to pull back the gain at multiple points and I believe my patches sound better for it. If you want more volume, you can always turn up the mixer and/or amplifier that you’re connected to after all 🙂

      1. Ah, perfect, thanks for the note! I should have read the accompanying text file but was too busy enjoying these new patches. I’m really impressed with these. I played around with them quite a bit this evening and have to agree with you, there’s a much different tonal characteristic when the gain inside the patch is lower and it’s for the better.

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