Jazzy Synth Jam On iPad & Electronic Wind Instrument

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a jazzy synth jam, via Tom Washatka – Out Of The Darkness, performed with an iPad, EWI (WX-7 wind controller) & MidiBridge iPad app.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical end:

Experimenting with an iPad, wind controller (old skool WX7) and MidiBridge app to create chords triggered with a foot pedal.

Using Thor, Magellan, Sunrizer, ThumbJam and Yamaha VL-70 synth module.

3 thoughts on “Jazzy Synth Jam On iPad & Electronic Wind Instrument

  1. Tom, that’s a winner. I admire your mix of new and “old,” aside from this version of old being so sci-fi, it makes the term amusing. Synths and things like MIDI Bridge are where iPads show the most strength right now, IMO, so you found a good sweet spot. The WX persists because it requires actual embouchure, so its totally organic & traditional in one sense, yet driving Thor with it plants solid feet in both worlds. Your piece reminded me of Kit Watkins a bit. Take that as a gold star.

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