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Swiss electronic trio, Mathon, has released a new album, Lieus Pers.

The trio, Thomas Augustiny, Roger Stucki and Pete Leuenberg, make ambient electronic music, inspired by architectural spaces.

Lieus Pers is inspired by a photo series by Stefan Flükiger. The Bern-based photographer captured abandoned industrial areas and subterranean canals, that have been gradually reclaimed by nature.

On Lieus Pers, Augustiny, Leuenberger and Stucki have created 12 soundscapes, inspired by dystopian landscapes. According to the group, “the album is a quest for traces, conciliating graphics and sound, past and present, nature and technology.”

Like Eno’s seminal Ambient 4, the soundscapes explore the darker, edgier and less calming possibilities of ambient music.

The album is available as a double vinyl LP and as digital downloads.


Lieus Pers on vinyl is a compelling release. It features a dozen dark ambient tracks that create a soundtrack for imaginary landscapes. The pressing is excellent, with negligible vinyl noise. And the packaging is exquisite.

The double album is encased in a clear sleeve that is printed with the album details. Remove the album from the sleeve and it opens up to reveal a printed book of Flükiger’s photos, a collection of images that inspired the music and also work together with the music to create a sense of an imaginary, mysterious place.

Here’s a sample of the music on Lieus PersErupziuns:

You can preview the music of Lieus Pers below:

Lieus Pers is available on vinyl via Everest Records. it is also available via iTunes.

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