Wooji Juice Intros Mitosynth Additive/Wavetable Synth For iOS

mitosynthWooji Juice has introduced Mitosynth – a hybrid additive/wavetable software synthesizer.

Mitosynth dispenses with the usual fake knobs & sliders and instead aims for a modern UI tailored to touch.

Plus – ‘Phase Mangulation’.

Here’s what they have to say about Mitosynth:

Start with additive synthesis, wavetables, or a sophisticated mix. Add rich modulation, effects and filters, controlled by powerful LFOs and beyond.

Make vibrant leads, vast soundscapes, compelling basses, warm bath or deep sea pads, and so much more.

The sound is complex, but the controls are not. Synth engine and UI both offer clarity and power — you’re holding in your hands a miracle of touch-screen technology, why limit it to the switches and dials of decades-old hardware?

Mitosynth takes a simple approach: With a tap, almost any dial can be switched out for a graph with automation controls, including LFOs, 5-stage DADSR envelopes, ingenious noise generator, BPM sync — and MIDI, of course. Plus XY pads for the hands-on approach.

And you can combine them. Use one automation to control which (or how much) of two others affect a setting. Many of the automation controls are themselves automatable. You can repeat this, going to deeper levels. LFOception!

The flexible FX chain means no messing with complicated routing tables, or stringing cables around until your screen looks like a plate of pasta: Slot the distortion, filter, delay and other effects you want, in the order you want. Simple!

Here’s a video intro to Mitosynth:

The next video offers an introduction to Mitosynth:

The second course at ‘Mitosynth U’ takes a look at working with patches:


  • Core MIDI
  • Virtual MIDI
  • Background Audio
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy/Paste
  • AudioShare
  • Dropbox
  • Performance Recording
  • Universal App
  • Filters, crushers, distortion, warm fuzz, flanger, phaser, echo, tube resonance and chorus. Install up to four in any order, plus a high-quality reverb
  • AM, PWM, Phase Mangulation, Supercharger unison mode
  • Mono and Polyphonic glide, and Regular, Toggle and Latch sustain, customizable keyboard
  • Slick patch and audio management with search and tagging
  • Easily share patches with friends, including any additional audio they require
  • Complete manual built-in, and available for download too

Mitosynth is available now for US $9.99.

If you’ve used Mitosynth, let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “Wooji Juice Intros Mitosynth Additive/Wavetable Synth For iOS

  1. Wooji Juice sure knows how to make a pretty interface.

    Grain Science has a different but pretty interface as well, but didn’t really find myself drawn to work with it– I think mostly because those kinds of sounds aren’t my thing.

    Looks like quite a bit of thought went into making the engine both feature-packed (deep & wide). And those nice little graphical/animation touches make it seem quite fancy.


  2. After a kind of disappointing couple months working with Z3ta+ (great synth, crappy interface)– I’m intrigued to try Mitosynth.

    In the above description, they say that you can change the order of effects, but dismisses patch-cords as a “plate of pasta”. This is where the mixer paradigm or the row of stomp-boxes paradigm shows its weakness. I think the pasta plate might be part of a more powerful solution.

    What I would love to see is some way to have a dry path around effects, and a way to bring the output of one effect into another effect (while still allowing a parallel path around). For example: say I want a dry sound to run into a band splitter– the top goes through a chorus (at 50% wet), the bottom band goes to a delay. I want the delayed signal to be distorted and panned hard right, with the dry coming through panned hard left. Send both of those through a panner, and mix those with the chorused top band.

    It seems you pick between “SIMPLE!” and “Powerful” in the case of effects. Routing is tricky. Does anyone know of some software that does this in a clever way?

    1. Yea, I saw that that was a 33% temporary discount, and I took the plunge. It is an intriguing synth.

      I love that you have independent glide with chords, and you can custom scale the keyboard size.

      The scale selection was pretty limited. Hopefully they’ll expand the number of scales or better yet, allow custom scales (it might do that already, I don’t know yet).

      The “must-have-app” sickness continues.

  3. Still can’t understand the mentality of people that spend hundreds of dollars for hardware – iPad and can’t afford to buy 10 dollar app…?!
    Most apps will cost as much and a coffee and the, donut…
    Is that too much for you and me..?!

    1. Maybe that hundreds of dollars of hardware was the only luxury that could be afforded beyond groceries and rent? Buying an Apple product doesn’t mean someone is flush. It might mean they’re planning on going without ice cream or maybe a new set of trousers for a few months just to pay for the thing. In that case, even a ten dollar app might be a stretch if it means the kids or kitties go hungry for a couple of days, which is just not done.

  4. For those without Apple equipment, there is the MobiOne development emulator, and the iPadian free emulator (which gets flagged by antivirus due to its ad-ware inside) for running apps on Windows. This little app really sounds good but I think I will stick with my FiZmo, Microwave XT, and K5000W.

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