Voice of Saturn 5U Step Sequencer


Synthrotek has introduced the Voice of Saturn 5U Sequencer – a 10-step analog sequencer. The output control voltage and trigger signals can be used to control pitch, filters, drum triggers and an endless number of other parameters on other synths.

It is housed in a 5U panel with an optional hand-made hickory case.


  • 10 steps, sequence can be shortened by connecting 1/8″ cable from step to reset jack
  • Voltage Out from 0 to ~7.5V
  • Gate out and S-Trigger out for older Moogs
  • Clock input / output to connect multiple sequencers (for sync’ing, not extending sequence)
  • Choose your power type: 9V jack/battery clip (power brick not included), Synthesizers.com, MOTM-4, MOTM-6, or Modcan
  • Hold Switch pauses sequence, manually steps when clock is off 9V Battery or Power Supply (AC or DC 12V)

Here’s a video demo of the VOS Sequencer in action:

The Voice of Saturn 5U Sequencer is available as a DIY kit, starting at US $189.99, or assembled for $399.99.

7 thoughts on “Voice of Saturn 5U Step Sequencer

    1. its because the designer used a decade counter in the circuit instead of an octal or hex counter. Who knows why? Seems like a lot of his designs revolve around whatever parts he gets cheap in quantity.

    2. The ARP 2500 sequencer has 10 steps also, so it’s nothing new. Modular people aren’t as locked into 4/4 time.

      It’s easy to run it 8 steps if you want, though.

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