Interview With Jim Coker, Developer Of Numerology Step Sequencer

five12-numerology-logoJim Coker, developer of Five12 Numerology step sequencer, is featured on the latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Host Darwin Grosse says, “We kind of jumped all over the chessboard on this one, but I hope you’ll find it interesting!”

Show Summary:

As an electronic music-head, I’ve been using computers, DAW’s, synths and other tech crap for decades now. However, one of my favorite software packages is a program that doesn’t try to do everything – in fact, its creator steadfastly refuses to take on tasks that he doesn’t feel belong in his bit of code.

That creator is Jim Coker, and the software is Numerology (found at I started using this at version 1, and it is now up to version 3 (with 4 right around the corner). In this podcast, I take the opportunity to corner Jim, talk to him about his background, his vision of the software/hardware combo, and his view of the future.

This is another case where I’ve known someone for a long time, but this is the longest conversation we’ve ever had. What’s wrong with me? I need to spend more time with these people!!!

You can listen to the interview via the embed below:

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9 thoughts on “Interview With Jim Coker, Developer Of Numerology Step Sequencer

  1. 1+

    Numerology is just amazing piece of art itself. It’s a tool which can greatly give boost to your creative process. I use it for composing new material and also on live stage with our band. Numerology gives us synth sequences, MIDI timing and click for drummer. It also takes care of my synth presets.

  2. Wonderful stuff, Darwin – so good to see Jim receive much-deserved kudos. His dedication to his software, it’s coherent evolutionary vision, and the Numerology user community is peerless.

    Using Numerology makes every other sequencer feel unusably constrictive!

  3. Numerology is a great piece of software. Jim is very responsive to user questions on the forum. And if you use a Launchpad you really need to check it out, it takes the Launchpad to a whole new level.

  4. +1 here too… Numerology is incredible. Numerology coupled with a modular synth and Expert Sleepers ES-3 is easily the most inspiring gear I have in the studio right now.

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