Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Meets TT-303

The 303 is the soul of acid – but another important part is effects.

This video, via, explores the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver + Bass Bot TT-303 combination, exploring tweaks from the subtle to speaker-shredding. 

Technical details:

  • Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
  • Bass Bot TT-303
  • Valhalla Vintage Reverb
  • Mackie 820i
  • Ableton Live

15 thoughts on “Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Meets TT-303

      1. Thank you moderation for making me look like I said the exact same thing as Astro Boy. I did not want to look like I copied his comment, but I guess these things happens when my comments are approved only 4 hours after I wrote them. I may have to completely change my identity which I’ve been using for over 5 years just because of that because I’m getting tired of being “moderated” for a complete year.

    1. Why wouldn’t the TT “take” pedals? I never understood this.
      Even if the TT is quieter than a line-level signal, that’s what guitar pedals are meant to process.
      Acid Voice’s distortion box tests sound appropriately crunched up to my ears.

  1. best sounding way of distorting a 303 or clone is through a mackie desk with the gain control on full and the use the volume slider to mix the signal. Overdrive the signal, saves money and sound very raw and powerful…

  2. any analogue desk will do, not just mackie. in fact youre going to kill that channel by overdriving it, so I would buy a cheap desk to use for that purpose, the older and grimier the better.

  3. Well there ya go! Excellent job! I saw guys complaining about recent Roland emus of the TB-303 and was reminded that this super excellent clone is already in existence. Great demo btw!

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