Take Creative Vocal Recorder Update Adds New Features & More

propellerhead-take-vocal-recorderPropellerhead has updated Take Creative Vocal Recorder for iOS, adding new features, a tutorial and other fixes.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

Key New Features:

  • Song navigator replaces the scrub bar. It gives you an overview of the recorded spaces. Drag to scrub, or tap directly to jump to a point in time.
  • Redo mode now restores to the last audio change undone.
  • Tutorial walks you through how to use Take. Re-enable viewing it from Take’s settings.
  • Clearer UI for indicating the beginning and end of recordable space.

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Improved audio recording latency correction on all devices.
  • Faster rendering feedback when recording.
  • Preview backing tracks without running all the way to the end of the recordable space—when no audio has been recorded.
  • System view page scrolls to the selected back track on open.
  • Sleep timer is disabled by default to prevent the device from locking while recording (can be disabled in Take’s settings).
  • Proximity sensor is disabled to prevent the screen from darkening while in use.
  • Device supports upside-down orientation. Adjust your device’s mic/cables as you like for the best recording position for you.
  • Open shared songs directly opened in Safari from the share page after upload.
  • When sharing in mail, Facebook, and Twitter, the text is automatically pre-filled with the song name and a message inviting friends to listen to the song.
  • Song shares are cropped better to prevent leading and trailing silence.
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Take Creative Vocal Controller is a free download from the App Store.

If you’ve used Take, let us know what you think of it!

8 thoughts on “Take Creative Vocal Recorder Update Adds New Features & More

  1. Not to feed the troll, but I kind of agree. No Dropbox or iTunes file exchange, and you can only move files with social media & email? Yea. Shove it.

  2. Hey, it was just a silly David Allan Coe reference. But why do users have to upload their recordings to Propellerheads’ servers? “Free”, yeah right.

  3. Take might be a Fantastic app but if it’s true that the resulting output goes anywhere other than the users own device that’s a Full Stop Dealbreaker.

  4. A workaround could be to hook up the iPhone to the computer and transfer into a DAW the tracks in real time. It’s a hassle but you don’t have to upload anything anywhere and you can just delete the tracks from your phone afterwards.

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