New Soft Synth Inspired By Classic Prophet 5

Twisted Electrons has introduced Professor – a software synth for iPad, inspired by the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 analog synthesizer. 

Little in the way of specs has been provided by the developer, but they note that it is MIDI & AudioBus ready.

Professor is US $5.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Professor, let us know what you think of it!

22 thoughts on “New Soft Synth Inspired By Classic Prophet 5

  1. Got it, dissapointed. Had a few quid left on iTunes card so grabbed it and its not all that.

    The UI is claustrophobic and the sounds are not the best

    I guess it’s “ok”, but when u have nave/Thor/animoog/Magellan//alchemy/all the other great iOS synths , things like this are very lame

    Not worthy of a hard on this:(

  2. I wish NI would make an iPad version of their Pro 53 Synth – a Prophet 5 emulation – as they discontinued it years ago.

      1. Pro 52 sounds – to my ears, at least – most like Prophet 5. The nearest to the Prophet 5 sound I’ve heard on iOS is Rolf Wohrmann’s NLog synth.

  3. The last two apps I tried from this company turned out to be little more than a pile of unusable presets (crud, sidpad). Not what I would even call a synth, nevermind a proper emulator. Is this going to be any different?

  4. If one is going to use the Prophet V namesake aligned with their app then that app better be swinging for the fences — early reports are suggesting this one might not be ready to use that name – sadly

  5. to check out the guy’s work, i downloaded studio 1111 free – tb 303 and tr 808 (therefore the name). not bad, but not good either. am missing a lot of features (midi, fx…). cannot see exactly these in the screenshots of professor either. guess they are not there. so, no proper midi, no fx, no sequencer or arpeggiator. too basic to be useful, really. and the sound, well, doesn’t convince me. but this, of course, is a matter of taste.

  6. I haven’t been that knocked out by iPad synths. Of the ones I’ve tried, my favorites are Thor, Alchemy, Sunrizer and Cassini.

  7. Come on….
    We live in the 21st century. Where is the innovation? Only the variation of the name makes it even no good synth. No chance against SunSyn, Nave, Addictive-Synth, Thor or ISEM…. 5.99 for this kinda-sounding app…. fortget about it….

  8. Sounds a load of rubbish. These apps should have a sequencer built in. I think Korg have got the right idea with ipad apps, just love the ipolysix and gadget. There needs to be more complete studio apps, something like reason…

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