tinyTesla Tesla Coil Kit Lets You Shoot Lightning, Make Sweet MIDI-Controlled Music


oneTesla let us know about tinyTesla, a new Kickstarter project to fund a little MIDI Tesla coil kit that’s designed to be easy to build.

tinyTesla is a desktop MIDI Tesla coil kit designed to be suitable for beginners or veterans in electronics. The project has blown past its $20,000 fundraising goal, with more than 10 times that amount already pledged. Backers can get a kit to build a MIDI tesla coil for about $150.

The Tesla coil’s lightning heats up air and creates pressure waves that are audible as sound. The more times per second the lightning fires, the higher the pitch created.

Here’s the official video intro:

Here are a few musical demo videos of the tinyTesla:

Nyan Cat on tinyTesla:

Pirates of the Caribbean on tinyTesla:

Dubstep Bach on the tinyTesla:

See the project site for details on the tinyTesla.

In addition to the tinyTesla, oneTesla has introduced the oneTeslaTS, a powerful MIDI Tesla coil that shoots two-foot sparks of lightning.

It’s a rework of oneTesla’s current kit, designed based on the feedback of hundreds of former kit-builders. It was designed with ease of construction in mind.

Here’s a demo of the oneTeslaTS in action, oneTeslaTS playing Bach’s Solfeggietto:

The oneTeslaTS kit is expected to sell for $399. See the oneTesla site for details.

If you’ve used one of oneTesla’s MIDI tesla coils, leave a comment with your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “tinyTesla Tesla Coil Kit Lets You Shoot Lightning, Make Sweet MIDI-Controlled Music

  1. If there was ever something ripe for control voltage input… Great
    for the mad scientist/ Phantom of the Opera vibe. Will def keep your
    cat away from your music gear!

  2. its to bad about the price though, especially considering its a kit… I’m willing to bet it costs around $150 for them in parts. The sound is thin, but that could be useful. We need a proper sample library of one of those 2 story ones

  3. Check the specs. In case you, like me, wanted this to add a spark (sorry) to your live show. I believe they warn against getting this anywhere near your gear. It may have been upgraded but worth checking out.

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