Atmegatron Software Update Turns It Into ‘Sci-Fi Dream Machine’

Developer Paul Soulsby let us know about a new update for the Atmegatron synthesizer – The Delayertron.

According to Soulsby, it turns the Atmegatron into a ‘sci-fi dream machine’:

Create crazy sci-fi sound effects and screaming lead lines with the Delayertron software. It provides the Atmegatron with a completely new audio engine that has a crunchy 8-bit delay and 256 sample waveforms.

The heart of the Delayertron is a crunchy 8-bit delay line. The following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Dry/wet mix
  • Delay sample rate
  • Feedback
  • Delay length
  • Clip mode (for gritted distorted delay with >100% feedback)
  • LFO and envelope amounts to control the sample rate

There’s also a filter which can be either high or low pass. The LFO can control it’s cutoff and it can be inserted either after the delay or at the output mix.

All the oscillator waveforms are new too and have been increased from 32 to 256 samples long.

This video goes through all the parameters of the Delaytron:

It’s a free download for the Atmegatron. See this video for info on how to upload the software:

Details on the Atmegatron are available at the Soulsby site.

5 thoughts on “Atmegatron Software Update Turns It Into ‘Sci-Fi Dream Machine’

  1. That is a cool machine! Price is $500. Good price! Damn it, I feel a spell of GAS coming on! Good thing I don’t have a girlfriend (okay, I’d rather have a girl than the synth, be hey, let me live my fantasy)!

    1. Is it? I don’t know. I keep wanting to like this because the idea is so cool, and the design and control is so different from everything else. It just sounds flat to me though, not like a chipsynth at all. I guess it does a lot more than just wiring up an SY-3 or SID would, but from the vids, it doesn’t seem to have the same crunch for me. Horses for courses I guess.

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