Space Music Synth Jam – Bruno Ender Lee’s ‘Saturn’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Bruno Ender Lee, captures a live studio performance of Saturn – a space music/Berlin School synth jam.

Lee’s composition starts of exploring drones and lush pads, then travels into Berlin School sequenced territory. 

Technical details below:

Roland JP-8000 (Pads), Roland Juno-106 (bass), ARP Odyssey, Moog Little Phatty & Analogue Solutions Vostok (fx), Korg MS2000 (leads), Studio-88 (leads), MiniMoog Voyager OS (bass), MacBeth M5N & Korg MS-20 mini (sequence with Doepfer MAQ)

7 thoughts on “Space Music Synth Jam – Bruno Ender Lee’s ‘Saturn’

  1. Me on the opposite. This is nothing good for except for himself.
    This pseudo-sci-fi “flying through a galaxy” escapism is a waste of mind, men and
    material. Thank the lord for BOC, Biosphere and and many others who are clearly
    up to date in terms of music and (modern) human perception of whatever occurs to our senses.

    1. Nothing pseudo about it. Sure, it has been done before, but this is still a very good performance and I wouldn’t mind to see stuff like this on stage more often. And don´t forget, BOC might be closer to what you consider modern, but they are NOT up to date. An operating system is up to date, human beings are not. Making music is not a competition of the most modernist approach, this is an distorted reception kids get taught at art-school. It´s about doing what you love the most. And hey: what again is wrong with escapism?

  2. Well its a totally different kind of style. I love the space feeling and the simplicity in this kind of music, its more like the machines that talk and takes you on a journey. But different people loves different styles, good there is some for everyone. — But i do love BOC and Biosphere to 🙂

  3. Different taste? Ok! Perhaps, i only dislike the whole Berlin school thing.
    There is nothing wrong with escapism, but this is just an escalation of boredom.

  4. Why does music made on “Analogue synths” very often sound like it was composed and recorded in 1973.
    This uninspired drudge is a cliched waste of “mind, men and material” indeed.

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